poor. neglected. blog.

I’m sorry¬†:( you must be thinking something like this…

dino love

Things just got busy, you know?

Well…by busy I mean, well…let’s say ‘breathtakingly complicated’. Especially recently!

Which means I really need to get my butt into gear to document some of the following:

* House:

Did the house just disappear? Did it just renovate itself? No! Ok, posts coming on the renovation.

* Making stuff:

Did you just stop? Did you get bored? Yes and No. Posts coming on some things that have been happening in ‘use-your-hands-land’!

* Art (or Arht!!)

What? Haven’t seen anything beautiful in ages? Don’t have a couple of cool paintings and an amazing artist to tell everyone about?? Well, actually I do! Stay tuned!!

More of this please!

dress up show up

Promises, promises…

After so long away there will be a few changes around these parts… including a little facelift for the blog!

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Protected: merry christmas and 2013 yeah!!

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the week

Summer is coming! Today was a hot enough day (getting to a high of 24 whole degrees!!) that we brought out the old favorites…


Water balloons! I love that before we even throw any water balloons at each other we are usually soaked just from trying to fill them up on the kitchen tap!

I also found the loveliest dish.


I am loving the shape and texture of this dish. So much so that, even though I know it is for flowers … I just can put any flowers in just yet :)

You can find it here www.wenandware.com.au

Some lunch…my favorite sushi :)


Sometimes it just feels like everything is perfect…maybe things are always perfect it’s just a matter of where our attention is…


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making mobiles

I have a brand spanking new nephew and I really want to make some awesome little things for him. Not so much clothes because I think I’ll be needing a bit more practice there but I am a bit excited about being able create some little things for his nursery…


I made this little mobile to hang in a corner of his room.


It’s cute an simple and was very easy to put together.


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the week

dandelionIt turned out to be a week for details. Details I should have remembered to remember to do something about and details that were just too cool not to capture.

little bug dude who was on sitting on the gate…

little bug guy

little bug guy

Best of all though…



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making more little things

Whoa! I have been sooooo busy with soooo many projects – especially the major project of a renovation of my house…but more on that in future posts.

In the meantime I wanted to share some things I have been making.

June and July are the best time of year for getting awesome deals on all sorts of retail items and I got a deal on a very unexpected item…a sewing machine. Up until a few weeks 1/2 of me has scoffed at the idea of having a sewing machine and the other 1/2 has really wanted a sewing machine, mainly so I could actually do some of the amazing projects I keep seeing pop up on blogs everywhere!!

I can’t even begin to explain, (excuse me for a moment – I have a feeling I am going to rhapsodise about sewing machines…yikes!), how cool it is to just go make stuff!!!!

Here are a few examples * of what I have done so far…

(*disclaimer: I am a complete sewing amateur so my advice with the next few pictures is don’t look too closely! The details are a bit shabby…but I’m working on it!)


it's like a machine or something!

End result…

dots and stripes

dots and stripes

Overall I am pretty happy with how these placemats have worked out … especially for the first thing I have ever sewn. (That’s actually a lie. In High School I did a sewing class – I think at the time it was thought appropriate that girls did that kind of thing, hmmm?! I did sew the most amazing top in the best brilliant 80’s style material possibly found. I remember wearing it proudly, everywhere!)

Having conquered the placemats I was roaming through Spotlight trying to think of something else I could experiment with making. I came across this sweet polar fleece material with bunnies on it! Couldn’t resist!

The most delicious thing to do in winter is snuggle under a squishy warm rug with loads of cushions – so! I made cushions!


I even put zips in! Wait, I should say ‘I even put zips in! but not very well’. Turns out there a special Zipper foot which makes the whole process a lot easier – I’ll use it next time!

It was only when I was reading pretty much the entire archives of this fabulous blog http://www.noodle-head.com that I discovered the zipper foot.

See those bunnies!


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making things

I’ve always been a bit in love with the console table – a simple table behind a couch with a lamp, some lovely vases and a stack of books or magazines. They work nicely as a sort of room divider in an open plan room. Rather than looking at the back of the couch the eye is taken up to look at pretty things!

So I thought I would experiment with making one!


Three bits of wood, some decking nails, supports, screws and white gloss enamel paint later…


But I couldn’t leave well enough alone, could I?

I’ve also been a bit in love with the chevron pattern lately (probably because the whole Internetz seem to be!). So I raced off to Bunnings and grabbed some paint chip samples in varying shades of grey and black.


Then proceeded to cut out millions of chevron shapes! Ok, not millions but it felt like it!

But it was worth it for the impact!



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