making more little things

Whoa! I have been sooooo busy with soooo many projects – especially the major project of a renovation of my house…but more on that in future posts.

In the meantime I wanted to share some things I have been making.

June and July are the best time of year for getting awesome deals on all sorts of retail items and I got a deal on a very unexpected item…a sewing machine. Up until a few weeks 1/2 of me has scoffed at the idea of having a sewing machine and the other 1/2 has really wanted a sewing machine, mainly so I could actually do some of the amazing projects I keep seeing pop up on blogs everywhere!!

I can’t even begin to explain, (excuse me for a moment – I have a feeling I am going to rhapsodise about sewing machines…yikes!), how cool it is to just go make stuff!!!!

Here are a few examples * of what I have done so far…

(*disclaimer: I am a complete sewing amateur so my advice with the next few pictures is don’t look too closely! The details are a bit shabby…but I’m working on it!)


it's like a machine or something!

End result…

dots and stripes

dots and stripes

Overall I am pretty happy with how these placemats have worked out … especially for the first thing I have ever sewn. (That’s actually a lie. In High School I did a sewing class – I think at the time it was thought appropriate that girls did that kind of thing, hmmm?! I did sew the most amazing top in the best brilliant 80’s style material possibly found. I remember wearing it proudly, everywhere!)

Having conquered the placemats I was roaming through Spotlight trying to think of something else I could experiment with making. I came across this sweet polar fleece material with bunnies on it! Couldn’t resist!

The most delicious thing to do in winter is snuggle under a squishy warm rug with loads of cushions – so! I made cushions!


I even put zips in! Wait, I should say ‘I even put zips in! but not very well’. Turns out there a special Zipper foot which makes the whole process a lot easier – I’ll use it next time!

It was only when I was reading pretty much the entire archives of this fabulous blog that I discovered the zipper foot.

See those bunnies!


About 13bliss

I am a newbie renovator, part-time psychology student and part-time worker bee. I love design, anything to do with house-stuff (apart from things like cleaning), I may be a frustrated creative, at least I would like to think that! I often use far too many exclamation marks and refuse to discipline myself about this fact.
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2 Responses to making more little things

  1. Cute placemats. I wish you the best on your sewing journey. You’re going to love it. I’m pretty new myself, and have enjoyed every moment.

  2. 13bliss says:

    Thank you for your comment! Sewing is like whole new world of wonderful isn’t it? I’ve only had a chance to read some of your blog – its lovely especially the conversations :) & wow! The things you have sewn are awesome! Hopefully I’ll gain more skill & precision as I go along :)

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